Suitability and Condition Surveys

CARES has skilled and experienced surveyors ready to ascertain if a vessel is suitable to carry out roles and contractual obligations prior to being hired, also known as a Suitability Survey.

During a contract further Condition Surveys may also be carried out to verify any changes to a vessels condition or safety practices, the surveys can be on behalf of clients and / or vessel operators alike. CARES based in West Africa and a Head Office in Switzerland can provide surveys globally.

  • As per client requirements, a Suitability Survey or Condition Survey will determine if a vessel is fit for purpose prior to or during a contract.
  • As an independent third-party survey with time-served professionals in place, our CARES surveyors will provide a professional assessment of the condition of all aspects of a vessel including but not limited to a vessel’s statutory certification, safety management standards, project-related requirements, manning and crew competency and condition of the vessels work areas including machinery spaces, ensuring the vessel is fit for purpose.
  • Suitability Surveys and Condition Surveys also assess living quarters and recreational facilities on a vessel to ascertain any shortfalls in client requirements whilst living onboard (if applicable).
  • Although predominantly based in West Africa, CARES are happy to accommodate client requests, providing Suitability Surveys and Condition Surveys worldwide.
  • In the past it has been known for vessels to be awarded such as towage contracts with the client later finding there is no towing winch on board the already contracted vessel, costing the client tens of thousands of dollars to install a winch in an already contracted vessel. A Suitability Survey was carried out prior to a contract award would have resolved such eventuality and additional costs.

CARES has skilled and experienced surveyors ready in West Africa and globally.