Welcome to CARES Group

CARES Group is a multi-disciplinary, international consultancy providing services in engineering, environment, water resources and maritime,
with offices and clients globally.
We are trusted by our clients to deliver technically correct, sustainable solutions to the highest standards on schedule.
Our local presence ensures our advice is appropriate and cost-effective.

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Consultancy Services

Maritime Management & Operations
CARES Group provides Maritime Management and Operations consultancy to the infrastructure industry including shipping lines, harbour authorities and port operators...
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Water and Environmental Management
CARES Group places environmental management and water engineering at the heart of our services. We help our clients deliver time, resource and cost savings by bringing together the disciplines...
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CARES Group has an extensive civil engineering background and we are positioned to support our clients in the development and management of their infrastructure assets, from project...
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Marine Surveys
CARES Group offers a leading one-stop-shop marine survey and consultancy service in West Africa.
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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)
CARES Group offers a range of environmental and social sustainability services to clients in financial institutions, maritime, energy, mining and infrastructure development sectors...
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Our Projects

With a client base spanning Government agencies and multi-national commercial/private sector clients with sustainable development agendas. We offer perspective and support to match the needs of local and international clients for totally reliable services. Wherever they are in the world clients know they will be provided with what they need, when they need it.

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Current and Recent Areas of Operations

CARES Group operates in several countries across the world. We believe that opening offices in the countries in which we work, as well as engaging and providing consultants with continual professional development to internationally recognised standards, enables us to serve our clients in a manner which is appropriate, sustainable, cost-effective and on schedule.

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Accreditations & Memberships