ISM Audits

CARES have skilled and experienced auditors in place and services to provide independent 3rd party audits to ascertain that the safety management of the vessel is carried out as per the vessel operator and client’s expectations.

It is a mandatory requirement that vessels carry out internal ISM audits and should be performed on an annual basis as per ISM Code (12.1).

An ISM audit:

  • Acts as a tool to monitor how well a safety management system is managed on board.
  • Helps in checking whether company safety and environmental policy is continually in compliance with the requirement of the vessels safety management certificate and safety management system/procedures.
  • Provides an opportunity for possible improvements to the safety management system via documented evidence and findings.

In certain circumstances, it may be that a client requires an independent check of a vessel’s safety management system due to accidents or incidents occurring whilst on contract. Alternatively, a vessel operator may also request an external safety management system audit of their vessel as assurance and evidence to a client that their safety management system is fully functional and operating to good effect.

Rest assured: CARE have ISM Lead Auditors and surveyors in place to fulfil all ISM requirements.

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