New Tailings Management Facility Detailed Design

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The existing Tailings Management Facility (TMF) at the Inata Gold Mine was approaching the end of its
operational lifespan. As a result, CARES was responsible for producing a detailed design for a new
TMF with enough capacity to allow a future mine lifespan of ten years.
To inform the detailed design CARES completed a geotechnical site investigation consisting of 17 Trial Pits and 20 boreholes. Trial pits were excavated to depths up to 5.0m unless hard strata were encountered. Samples were taken every 1.0m and at every change in strata.
Boreholes were drilled using a wire-line with a diamond head rotary drilling method. Each borehole was drilled to a depth of approximately 40m.
Samples chosen for laboratory analysis were transported to the laboratory. Laboratory testing consisted of Atterberg Limits, Density, Particle Size Distribution and Tri-axial Testing on Remoulded Samples.
Both factual and interpretative geotechnical reporting was provided by CARES.
Upon completion of the detailed design CARES provided construction supervision (Quality Assurance (QA) /Quality Control (QC))