Kimbiji Development ESIA

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CARES Group was commissioned by PM Group to conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for plans to develop beach cottages on an eighteen-acre site on the Tanzanian mainland south of Kimbiji.

PM Group intends to develop the beach plot in phases with the first phase of the development consisting of the construction of six units of sea-facing apartment buildings, together with a swimming pool, beach restaurant and bar, plus reception/office/store buildings. The apartments will be self-contained, furnished two bedroom units capable of sleeping six adults.

To comply with the legal requirements governing the Tanzanian construction industry, PM Group has commissioned CARES Group to conduct an EIA for the proposed project.

CARES Group has completed the EIA study in accordance with the EIA and Audit Regulations (2005) (formulated after the Environmental Management Act No. 20 of 2004) and the requirements of the National Environment Management Council (NEMC).