HI Field Geotechnical Investigation

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As part of plans to develop the HI Field, SPDC required a geophysical and geotechnical survey of the HI site. 

The survey objectives include the identification of geohazards, seabed features and seabed conditions such as shallow gas, pockmark, gas chimney, channels, obstructions, etc on or below the seabed, shallow stratigraphy and water depth that may constrain the safe positioning of a platform, pile driving or the spudding of a well in the HI field and a pipeline emplacement.

Geoquip Marine who specialises in providing a wide range of offshore geotechnical services to the nearshore, offshore industry were commissioned by SPDC to undertake the geotechnical scope of works.

To assist with this, CARES was commissioned by Geoquip Marine to provide technical capable personnel to assist with project management, offshore laboratory, geo-positioning support services.

Five (5) Composite boreholes were drilled to 100m depth and (4) Cone Penetration Tests (CPT) to 80m depth were undertaken during the field assessment and undisturbed sample were sent to onshore laboratory for further testing.