ESG Advisory Services for Infracredit

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Infracredit has commissioned CARES to provide ESG Advisory services for the Implementation of the Pilot Phase of the Project Development Facility. The beneficiary companies in this project include Babban Gonaand Cold Hubs Limited respectively. Babban Gona is scaling rapidly as a business to meet the needs and demands of their member farmers through a Trust Group Entrepreneurs (TGE) Programme with the goal of supporting 1 million farmers by 2025. This will be achieved by exploring, decentralizing, and expanding its storage operations into an independent entity which will then, scale and better serve large commercial offtakes as well as small holder farmers. To achieve this, adequate infrastructure is required, and Babban Gona is seeking to obtain a total of 558,000MT of hermetic post-harvest storage solutions that drastically reduce post-harvest losses of stored grains. In 2021, an Environmental Due Diligence was conducted on the company and as ESG advisors to Infracredit, CARES has been assigned to close out the gaps identified in the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP). Some of the action items include the development and implementation of an Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS), an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), a GHG Evaluation Report, and a Developmental Impact Assessment (DIA)Report.