Matthew Baker

Senior Environmental Consultant

Matthew’s relevant UK experience includes contaminated land assessment and groundwater monitoring for a confined aquifer de-watering scheme.

Matthew’s overseas experience includes numerous projects requiring working in West Africa. Matthew’s involvement in projects in West Africa includes a number of ports, harbours and dredging projects in Nigeria to develop the Lagos, Bonny and Calabar Channels.

Currently Matthew is acting as Project Manager for the Notore Dredging Optimisation Study in the Bonny Channel, Rivers State; and, a Wave and Navigational Information study in Lagos Harbour. Previously, Matthew was also involved in geotechnical and geophysical site investigations in Lagos Harbour with responsibilities ranging from in-country Project Manager to soil logging and survey equipment installation.

Matthew has worked on an Environmental Audit of the dredging of Calabar Channel on behalf of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). Work included preliminary site surveys, identifying sensitive receptors and advising on best practice approaches for reducing potential environmental impacts.

In addition to the experience gained through more conventional environmental projects Matthew is developing excellent knowledge of hydrographic surveys in the near-shore/ports and harbour environment. Experience has been gained through a number of projects where he has been responsible for project management alongside equipment procurement, equipment installation, data management and developing survey plans/approaches.