Wave Study

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Following reports of near-groundings by vessels entering Lagos Harbour CARES were commissioned to conduct a Wave Study.

Admiralty Charts, LCM bathymetric surveys and visual observations showed that the bathymetry of Lagos Harbour has changed, both as a result of: (i) dredging to maintain and enhance vessel access to the harbour, and (ii) from new developments close to the harbour entrance such as Eko Atlantic City.

As a result CARES Group completed an assessment of the wave climate to determine whether there have been changes, its effects and also to provide an input into determining a safe channel design depth for the harbour entrance.

To satisfy this objective CARES Group provided answers to these questions:

  • Has the wave climate changed at the entrance to Lagos Harbour, over and above what may be expected from natural climate variability?
  • If the wave climate has changed, what has caused the change?
  • In practical terms, to what extent will shipping be affected by an altered wave climate?
  • What measures might be taken to mitigate for adverse impacts on the wave climate?

Recommendations to improve the Harbour Entrance have been made. Harbour improvements are ongoing.