Value Chain Development Programme

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The Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP) is being implemented to reduce poverty and enhance sustainable accelerated economic growth and productivity by adopting a holistic, demand-driven approach to addressing constraints along food value chains.
As part of the VCDP, it is intended to develop new / upgrade existing agricultural processing clusters in Minna, Niger State. In order to help manage the potential environmental and social impacts CARES Group was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to produce Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs) for the proposed agro-processing clusters.
The ESMPs will guide the formulation, implementation and monitoring of environmental protection measures during and after commissioning of the Agro-Processing Clusters.
The ESMPs address site-specific environmental issues and identify environmental and social risks that may be encountered during project implementation. The ESMPs also provide control measures that are to be implemented to minimise or eliminate the environmental and social risks.