Turning Basin Development

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To improve the safety of navigation the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) requested the development of Turning Basins at Port Harcourt.

To ensure that the optimum solution was developed for the port improvements CARES Group completed a Preliminary Options Appraisal, a Navigation Simulation Study and, a hydrodynamic and sedimentological assessment.

CARES Group assessed the hydrodynamics and sedimentological conditions to evaluate the Turning Basin options from a hydrodynamic and sediment transport point of view. This was carried out through field measurements and 3D numerical modelling.

A Navigation Simulation Study tested the safe navigation and manoeuvre of vessels using a Full Mission Bridge Simulator. Twenty run scenarios were completed to test the safe manoeuvring of the design vessel in two Turning Circle Options and observations and recommendations presented.

Following evaluation of the options CARES Group completed a Channel Design.

CARES Group has also been commissioned to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for approval by the regulators, the Federal Ministry of the Environment.

CARES Group continues to support the NPA with improvements at Port Harcourt.