Tidal Streams

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Lagos Harbour is key to the economy of Africa’s most populous nation and biggest economy. However, due to the natural environment some designated vessel turning areas are unavoidably small relative to the size of the largest ships.

In addition, the complicated geomorphology gives rise to tidal streams which are, in places strong and complex.
This means that precise manoeuvres are often required and a confident, informed understanding of the likely prevailing currents was required by mariners and the port authorities.

Tidal diamonds and their associated table present current speeds and directions for different stages of the tide thereby providing invaluable information to mariners on the likely prevailing currents.

As there were no tidal diamonds in existence for Lagos Harbour and given their evident value in the case of a busy port in a harbour with a complex morphology and tidal regime CARES Group produced tidal diamonds and their associated tidal diamond table.

The harbour authorities have tidal diamonds for improving future hydrographic charts.