Sugar & Grain Terminal Project Management & ESIA

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Allison Fisheries wished to develop a sugar and grain terminal at Tin Can Island, Lagos Harbour and CARES Group was appointed as the Project Manager with responsibilities that include planning, maritime and environmental studies.
The project included a jetty for 40,000 DWT bulk carriers, a warehouse for storage of 50,000 t raw sugar, a refinery, storage for bagged refined sugar, and a barge quay for 2,000 DWT barges.
CARES Group responsibilities included conducting a Feasibility Study to assess the site and present a preliminary layout for submission to statutory bodies, which included preliminary designs for the marine work and planning of the major bulk handling equipment; submission to the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) for approval; management of Navigation Simulation Study to confirm the suitability of the turning circle; procurement of current data, bathymetric and topographic surveys; hydrodynamic studies; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) including submissions to the Federal Ministry of Environment and completion of fieldwork; and, study into export of bagged sugar by barge rather than road.