Sonam Field & Escravos Export System Surveys

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TCO Marine / Chevron Nigeria have commissioned the development and eventual monetization of the Non-Associated Gas (NAG) reserves in the Sonam Field.

To support this development, CARES Group has been engaged by TCO Marine / Chevron Nigeria Limited to perform an offshore geotechnical survey.

The geotechnical survey was conducted by CARES Group for the acquisition of site specific geotechnical conditions and engineering parameters for Okan and EERP infrastructure.

CARES Group constructed boreholes with push, piston and percussion sampling with provisions for wireline coring and perform in-situ piezocone penetration testing (PCPT) in the boreholes.

The overall project effort covers the 20” pipeline scope to Okan Non-associated gas reserve Wellhead Platform (NWP), including a Pig Receiver Platform (PRP) required near Okan NWP that will be bridge-linked to the existing facility.

The survey provided quality data for the detailed design of the Sonam and EESP pipelines, EESP PLEM, SPM anchors and Okan PRP.