Siltation & Dredging Optimisation

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As the Notore Channel suffers from high siltation, CARES Group completed a Dredging Optimisation Study to support the optimisation of dredging plans and budgets.

A key stage in this project was completing a siltation study. This resulted in developing an understanding of the processes and rates of siltation in the channel.

An understanding of the siltation regime was developed through a number of complimentary approaches:

  •  Differential Bathymetry Analysis
  •  Assessing the spatial pattern of sediment grain sizes
  •  Installing Metocean sensors and a weather station to collect and analyse time series data
  •  Measuring the spatial pattern of currents, temperature, salinity and turbidity during boat-based measurements
  •  3D modelling using the Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS) to simulate sediment processes including current-induced bottom scour.

Based on this understanding recommendations have been made to optimise dredging.

CARES Group continues to support the Bonny Channel Company (BCC) in the development of the Bonny Waterways.