Regulatory & Operational Permit Desktop Study

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SHI-MCI Free Zone Enterprise expects delivery of the hull for the EGINA Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) in 2018. The topside of the FPSO will be integrated on the hull at the quay wall. As part of preparations for topside integration, SHI-MCI intends to conduct some specific activities which may require regulatory and operational permitting prior to operations.
CARES Group was commissioned by SHI-MCI to conduct a study on the required regulatory and operational permitting for the following specific activities:

  • Diving Operations such as visual inspection of ships, equipment, pipes and cables; removal of sea fastening; and, underwater cleaning before sail-away to the offshore site.
  • Freshwater filling from barge or ship.
  • Diesel oil bunkering from barge or ship.
  • Operating of floating crane and flotel.
  • Works inside the shell of FPSO, which may include welding, grinding, painting, etc.