Raising the Inata Gold Mine’s Tailings Management Facility

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The Inata Gold Mine’s existing Tailings Management Facility (TMF) was approaching the end of its operational lifespan. As a result, CARES was commissioned to provide a design to raise the
existing TMF to give enough capacity to contain an additional eighteen months of tailings disposal.
CARES developed designs for the construction and operation of the containment dam including the tailings distribution system.
CARES design included an appraisal of potential environmental impacts (construction and operation);
identification of principal environmental risks; overall dam stability analysis; material zoning options; material review; seepage control systems; embankment instrumentation requirements; lining options /
requirements; operating manual for the TMF; and Conceptual Design for the new TMF.
CARES was also responsible for providing on-site supervision for the construction in terms of Quality
Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). CARES also provided monitoring of the tailings beach
and advice on the final decommissioning plan including the groundwater monitoring boreholes.