Adapt’Action: Adaptation to Climate Change

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Opportunity Assessment and Feasibility Study of Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture in the Kwahu Afram Plain

CARES Group was involved in a project in Ghana with Suez Consulting, funded by the Adapt ‘Action Facility of Agence Française de Développement (AFD). The main objective of the assignment was to ensure continuous access to water for agriculture in an environment impacted by climate change, through the sustainable use of rainwater harvesting technologies.  A stakeholder workshop was facilitated in Accra wherein findings of our assessment of the climate and changing availability of water resources in the area and the socio-economic vulnerabilities of agriculture and livestock production to the impacts of climate change, were presented. The attendees at the workshop included representatives from the ministries and irrigation development authorities, beneficiaries, farmers, planners, and other stakeholders from the north and south districts, and they participated in a multi-Criteria Analysis to prioritise Adaptation Options that will be taken forward for further study to produce a bankable project proposal for financing. The outcomes from the work were used to prepare national guidelines for the assessment and for the development of similar projects across the country.