Quay Studies

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Ports and Terminals Operators Limited (PTOL) needed to upgrade their seaport terminals, located at the Port Harcourt port complex. CARES Group was engaged to carry out consultancy studies for the condition assessments, deepening and reinforcement of their ship berthing quay structures. 

The following consultancy services were carried out by CARES Group during the project execution: 

  • Stage I -Berthing Structure Existing Infrastructure Condition Assessments; Work included the review of physical conditions of terminal berths 1 to 4. Preparation of condition assessment report.
  • Stage II – Marine Access Studies; Conducted a desk based marine access study to identify areas of constraints along the channel for different vessel sizes and proposed risk mitigation measures to access the PTOL berths.
  • Stage III – Berth 4 Studies for Rehabilitation; Proposed options of berthing structures to replace the old and dilapidated berthing platform at berth 4 of the PTOL terminal.
  • Stage IV – Berthing Quay Pile Load Testing. Included assisting PTOL to employ a suitable contractor to carry out the quay pile load test, supervised the preparation and execution of the pile load test, interpret load test results and outline any further works required.