Proving and Training Simulation – NPA Floating Dock V

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To assist with the planning and tug configuration necessary to tow Floating Dock V from her berth in
Apapa to a berth in Badagry Creek – a total distance of c4.2 nautical miles.

CARES Maritime Division was commissioned to:
• Conduct a 2-day proving and training simulation project consisting of:
• Day 1 – classroom scoping study and discussion led by CARES and consisting of with 6 Tug Masters
and a Port Authority pilot
• Day 2 – executing a series of Run Scenarios in a Full Mission Bridge Simulator to practice tug
reconfiguration and Floating Dock transit

• Establish and clarify key operational objectives.
• Identify the likely influential move factors including operational, environment and Command and Control (C2) aspects.
• Identify potential Pinch Points (ie areas of potential maritime safety risk concerns) for the passage and
scope the associated risks.
• Conduct a brief examination of potential emergency scenarios and mitigations.