Okan Field Survey

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TCO Marine / Chevron Nigeria have commissioned the development of a Non-Associated Gas (NAG) facility at the Okan Field.

To support this project, CARES Group was appointed to perform an offshore geotechnical survey of the Okan oil and gas field.

CARES Group mobilised the Comacchio MC 1000 Drilling Rig onto a Nigerian Liftboat.

This rig was quickly prepared to undertake this survey.

Along with the equipment and vessel, CARES and partner, Geoquip Marine will also provide specialist personnel and laboratory to carry out the investigations.

CARES Group will perform offshore and onshore soil testing on recovered soil samples to determine pertinent physical and chemical properties.

CARES Group has determined the soil characteristics for the Okan Field and the results will be used during the design phase of the NAG project.