Ogun State General Hospital Development

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Ogun State Government commissioned CARES Group to undertake contract administration and supervise the construction of a 250-bed health care facility.
Ogun state government in a bid to improve on her healthcare provision through the Ogun state ministry of Health, engaged CARES Group to provide contract administration services on the development of the 250-bed ultra-modern hospital facility.
The 250-bed hospital is a 6-storey structure inclusive of a basement and was built to have state of the art medical technology and equipment. The hospital features a range of services which include radio-diagnostic equipment, 4 No. general operating theatre suites, 2 No. obstetrics theatre suites, 10-bed intensive care units, 5-bed neonatal intensive care units, 4 No. delivery suites, trauma and emergency room bay, pharmacy, well-equipped industrial kitchen and cafeteria services, laundry services, and electromechanical and ICT services.
In order to achieve the successful completion and delivery of this project, CARES Group provided contract administration and project management.