Offshore Platform and Support Pipeline ESHIA

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Petrolex has invested into a 300 million litre petroleum storage facility; including a 2,500 capacity trailer park and jetty; marine logistics operation including 10 barges and 2 tug boats at Ibefun, Odogbolu Local Government, Ogun State, Nigeria.
In order to allow products to be transferred directly to/from the Petrolex Storage Facility without the need for transhipment via barge through the Lagos Ports, Petrolex intends to develop an Offshore Platform and Support Pipeline System.
The Offshore Platform and Support Pipeline System will allow the transfer of products from vessels at distance away from the coast and as they can be designed to be capable of handling any size of ship (even Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC)), they can allow the transfer of product from vessels where there would be no alternative facility available in a port, harbour, or along the coast.
To support the development of this project CARES Group has been commissioned to undertake an EIA on behalf of Petrolex.