Noise Mapping & Audiometric Assessment

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CARES Group has been commissioned to conduct noise mapping and employee Audiometric Evaluations within the Oil Mining Licence (OML) 29, Bayelsa State.
Hearing loss caused by exposure to noise at work is permanent and incurable. Hearing loss is usually gradual due to prolonged exposure to noise but it can also be caused by sudden, extremely loud noises.
The factors that govern a person’s exposure are the level of noise and the length of time they are exposed to it. The greater the noise level or the longer the duration of exposure, the greater the person’s noise exposure will be.
To support AEEPCo’s Occupational Health Management Programme CARES Group was commissioned to conduct the following noise assessments/surveys:
 Audiometric Assessment to indicate whether new cases of noise-induced hearing loss are developing or whether existing cases have worsened
 Producing noise maps to help identify where employees may be at risk of being exposed to noise levels that may be harmful
The results will be used to determine if noise risks are being managed effectively in order to formulate action plans for improvements.