New In-River Dredged Material Disposal Site

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The Bonny Channel Company (BCC) are responsible for undertaking maintenance and capital dredging in the Bonny River on behalf of Nigerian Ports Authority.
With the navigational channel in excess of 100 kilometers, dredged material is primarily discharged offshore or in the existing in-river disposal site. Use of the in-river disposal site substantially reduces the overall haul distance, sailing times, and associated cost of dredging. However, as periodic dredging of the in-river disposal site is required to provide space for dredged material disposal CARES Group has been tasked with identifying a new location for in-river disposal.
In order to identify possible areas suitable for in-river disposal CARES Group has reviewed existing and available data. Locations has be identified considering the physical restrictions of the local marine environment, where adequate depth is available, and where disposal would not affect the hydraulic constraints of the river and the safety of navigation. CARES Group has then then undertaken additional data gathering to identify suitable sites. CARES Group then completed an assessment of the fate of dredged material using a Tracer Study. Fate of dredged material has been used to investigate effect on dredging volumes. An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) formed also part of CARES Group study.