MetOcean Measurements for FPSO Safe Passage

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The Egina FPSO is being constructed for an Ultra Deep Water Egina Project for Total Exploration and Production.
The FPSO is estimated to be valued at $3.3 billion, with an oil storage capacity of approximately 2.3 million barrels.
The Egina FPSO is due to arrive in Lagos between December 2017 and March 2018 and AfrikDelta Marine Limited (ADML) (in partnership with Boskalis) will be responsible for providing towage services.
The Egina FPSO will be the largest vessel to enter Lagos Harbour.
In addition, Lagos Harbour represents a complex system of main channels, lagoons and creeks, made especially challenging to measure, analyse and understand due to the fact that there is no through-flow input as there would be the case with an estuary with a unidirectional flow component in the form of a river flowing into the sea.
As a result, CARES Group was commissioned by ADML to complete a MetOcean measurements campaign to support FPSO safe passage planning.