Legal Compliance Audit

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Cummins required a Legal Compliance Audit to evaluate compliance to legal and other requirements to which they had subscribed to within their Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
CARES Group conducted an audit in line with the requirements of the ISO 18001 standard and evaluated the effectiveness of Cummins compliance to legal requirements through:

  • Sampling Cummins determination of compliance by identifying specific legal compliance.
  • Looking for evidence of compliance.
  • Reviewing Cummins evaluation process to ensure that all legal requirements have been covered.
  • Checking that information on legal requirements is up-to-date.
  • Checking that records of results of the periodic evaluation are available

Non-conformance reports were developed for identified non-conformance and observations were also presented.
In addition, CARES Group reviewed the Cummins legal register and provided an update on compliance of all legal requirements in the register. The legal register was also revised and updated
CARES Group also conducted a gap analysis in relation to ISO 14001 to support Cummins plan of achieving ISO 14001.