Lagos Siltation Study (2019 Update)

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Lagos Channel Management (LCM) is responsible for managing the navigational channel of Lagos Harbour- Nigeria’s Principle Port. LCM require an updated understanding of siltation to optimise dredging plans and budgets. As a result, LCM have requested CARES to update their 2009 Siltation Study to account for significant changes in the harbour which are likely to have influenced and altered the siltation regime. To develop an updated understanding of the Siltation Regime CARES are completing a Desk Study – to outline harbour developments since the 2009 Siltation Study;
identify areas of increasing commercial importance; and, to determine locations for fieldwork. CARES will also conduct new and additional analysis of existing datasets: including, Differential Bathymetry using LCM’s quarterly bathymetric data. Fieldwork will include determining sediment and water spatial patterns; in addition to prolonged time-series data-gathering at fixed locations throughout the harbour. Data obtained will be used to refine and validate an enhanced siltation numerical model for Lagos Harbour. CARES will integrate the observations and modelling to define the siltation processes and to
identify, quantify and define areas of high siltation to support the optimisation of dredging plans and budgets.