Lagos Channel Design

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Due to the growth in vessels wishing to visit Lagos Harbour, Lagos Channel Management commissioned CARES Group to carry out a detailed channel design of the harbour to create a wider and deeper channels throughout the harbour. The work has included carrying out detailed geotechnical study including recommendations for channel side slopes, navigational studies and detailed final design

CARES work on the channel design has included carrying out a detailed geotechnical study (including

recommendations for channel side slopes), navigational studies and detailed final design.

As part of the design CARES completed a desk study to determine key issues that would need to be addressed during the design of the works and optimise any site investigations that needed to be carried out.

Following completion of the desk study a site investigation was carried out to determine specific geotechnical issues that could arise during the deepening and widening of the channels; including, a slope stability assessment to determine the dredged slope at critical locations.

A Navigational Simulation Study of the channel layout was completed and where necessary alterations were made to the layout to provide safe navigation.

CARES also conducted a review of the Aids to Navigation (AtoN) for the navigational channels to ensure safe navigation. The included the existing AtoN as well as the future requirements.