Inland Container Depot Civil Works Consultancy

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APM Terminals (APMT) was planning the development of an ICD terminal in the city of Kano, Nigeria with the objective of streamlining operations and services to the northern part of the country and beyond.
Initial development of the ICD (Stage One) was to comprise of containers arriving in Kano from Lagos via the existing rail system to the Nigerian Railway Compound (NRC).
Container handling operations will take place at NRC and containers will then be transported to a storage and processing facility at National Truck Manufacturers (NTML) Kano, sited along the Zaria – Kano Expressway.
CARES Group was appointed by APM Terminals as Consultants for the small civil works.
CARES Group presented an outline scope of civil works for the Stage One development. This was derived from APMT functional requirements and information collected during site visits. CARES Group also reviewed contractor quotations and prepared contract between APMT and the contractor. CARES Group also acted as the Clients Engineer supervising the work carried out by the contractor.