GMT Jetty Hydrodynamic and Navigation Simulation Study

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MT propose to construct a jetty in Badagry Creek, Apapa. Consequently, CARES were commissioned to
complete a Hydrodynamic Study to examine how the proposed development would likely change the
current regime and sediment transport. CARES were also commissioned to prove ship access to and from the jetty and to determine the efficacy of proposed new Apapa Turning Basin location. CARES conducted a Hydrodynamic Model Study to assess if the current regime of Badagry Creek would
change as a result of the proposed jetty development and how this would likely impact siltation and erosion.
CARES also conducted a Navigation Simulation Study(NSS) – the key objectives included establishing whether the design ship is capable of safely manoeuvring to/from the jetty; to establish whether the design ship is capable of being safely turned in the amended turning basin location; to provide manoeuvring considerations for the ship’s operational envelope (e.g. tugs, environmental limits etc.); establish the risk of the jetty design on the safety of a vessel berthed at Folawiyo Jetty; establish if
vessels can safely use the amended turning basin with a ship berthed at the GMT jetty; review the Aids to Navigation; and, identify the relevant ‘Enabling Activities’.