FPSO Navigation Simulation

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CARES Group conducted a Navigation Simulation Study (NSS) in order to identify the handling activities and requirements for towing a Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel in Lagos Harbour.
The NSS was conducted using a Full Mission Bridge Simulator with 2D and 3D video; and, soft and hard copy recording capabilities from the data files.
The methodology used a series of FPSO transit simulations with direct tug support and delivered by vessel-handling mariner experts.
All relevant environmental and operational criteria and manoeuvring characteristics were applied to:

  • Prove FPSO operational envelopes against channel and turning circle designs and dimensions.
  • Test the effectiveness of manoeuvre support requirements such as tug capacities and capabilities.
  • Test new FPSO transit manoeuvres and analyse the FPSO and tug ‘footprints’ to improve and identify efficient use of available water-space.

The 2-day simulation exposed recommendations, findings and observations to the client including:

  • Enabling and FPSO handling activities and requirements.
  • Identifying the potential transit Pinch-Points and how they can be negotiated.