Environmental Noise Survey

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CARES was commissioned by Master Power Technologies to conduct a noise baseline survey for a
proposed Data Centre site with a surface area of approximately 4000m2 in Lekki, Lagos state.
CARES conducted a 1-day (24 hour) noise sampling exercise at the site following applicable noise
measurement guidelines that ensures the client is compliant with national environmental (Noise Standards and Control) regulations.
The results of the assessment will aid the client in formulating an Action Plan to proceed with its intended project as is required by noise regulations.
The assessment was in adherence to the following requirements from the Client:
Noise measurement meter was set at dBA Fast; Sampling period of 10sec at 30-100dB range settings; The Noise meter was placed on a tripod at 1.5m above ground;
Observations of noise sources was documented on an hourly basis by our site representatives and Raw data presented in Excel format.
A hand-held wind speed meter was deployed at the site to record wind speed. Wind speed was recorded and logged hourly.