Environmental Evaluation

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A confidential oil industry client needed to identify potential environmental liabilities associated with its operations at three sites in Rivers State, Nigeria.

CARES Group was commissioned to support a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) in order to identify potential environmental liabilities.

The facilities included a Pressure Pumping Facility, Ocean Terminal and Lighter Terminal.

The Environmental Site Assessment was carried out in order to determine the potential for environmental contamination.The formal process of All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) was carried out and the Phase 1 ESA was carried out in accordance with ASTM Standards and the Federal Ministry of Environment’s Guidelines for Environmental Audits, 1999.

In order to understand the operations CARES Group specialist team conducted one on one interviews with BHI staff and conducted a comprehensive site walkthrough.

The current and historical uses of each of the three properties were identified in order to identify the historical and current environmental conditions.

Findings and recommendations of the Environmental Site Assessment were provided to the Oil Industry Company.