New Doha International Airport Project

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 The reclamation of the platform for the New Doha International Airport extends 2km into the sea and required over 600 million m3 of suitable fill. 

Due to the large volumes of suitable fill that were required and the relatively short time schedule eleven Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD’s) and Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSD’s) were deployed; with sand being dredged from up to 20km offshore. 

CARES Group was appointed as the Environmental Managers responsible for the design and implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP). This included the establishment of the baseline parameters and the operational criteria; design and implementation of the Environmental Monitoring System, which included 24 hours a day spill monitoring of both the dredging and reclamation operations (two offshore units / one onshore unit to cover all aspects); and, the implementation of mitigation measures including the design and installation of the silt screens. 

CARES Group was commended for the quality of their work.