Discharging Light Fuels from a Single Point Mooring (SPM)

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Oando needed to obtain project approval from the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to install a new offshore Single Point Mooring (SPM) to discharge light fuels and to pump to the marketer’s area.
The intention was to pump the light fuels through 11 kilometres of 16” pipeline to the existing fuel depots at Apapa.
CARES Group was commissioned by Oando to determine the effect that the SPM would have on Lagos Harbour and its users.
CARES Group was responsible for completing a review of the pipeline depth and route; review of the pipeline installation methods (underwater trench / onshore trench / Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) / Pipe Jacking); Formal Safety Assessment (FSA); review of the construction programme regarding the effects on other harbour users; a review of the site investigations and assumptions regarding installation methods; and, volumes of dredging.