Development of the Calabar Channel

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In order to develop the Calabar Port the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) wished to dredge the Calabar Channel. This would require approximately 26 million m3 of initial dredging works.
To ensure that the potential environmental effects of the dredging works were considered at an early stage, the NPA asked CARES Group to complete an Environmental Audit of the dredging works.
The Environmental Audit was completed to provide potential maritime and dredging contractors with an assessment of the potential environmental risks of the proposed dredging works, in order to assist with preparation of their tenders for conducting the dredging works.
Under the terms of this commission CARES Group completed an Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) through conducting a Site Overview Visit and a Desk Study.
The ERA characterised the project in terms of environmental effects of the proposed project and any alternatives; construction processes involved in the dredging; potential environmental effects of the construction processes; and, potential impacts of the noted effects, both positive and negative.
The ERA identified where further environmental assessments should be made.