Bonny Channel Optimisation

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The Bonny Channel is Nigeria’s backbone to oil and gas exports and provides the sole marine access to Port Harcourt, Onne and the oil and gas terminals on Bonny Island.

As part of the ongoing improvement works the Bonny Channel Company (BCC) intend to improve vessel navigation through optimising the channel design at the entrance to Onne and in the Bonny Access Channel.

To assist with this CARES Group has been commissioned to redesign the channel layout, test the new design during a Navigation Simulation Study (NSS) using a Full Mission Bridge Simulator as well as evaluating the hydrodynamic effects of the intended changes.

To ensure that maximum value is gained from the NSS, the simulation will be based upon up to date empirical flow / tidal stream direction and magnitude data. To provide the data for both the NSS and the investigations into the hydrodynamic effects of the proposed changes CARES Group has conducted a programme of tidal stream data gathering and weather station installation.

The data has produced tidal diamonds for improving the data available to mariners on future hydrographic charts.

CARES Group continues to support the improvements of the Bonny Channel.