British Sugar Bioenergy Project

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British Sugar intended to build a biogas facility to produce 100,000m3 of gas per day to provide energy for their factory – the largest Sugar Beet factory in Europe.
The project involved the development of two lagoons for bio-gas and water storage. The bio-gas lagoon was intended to be 150,000m3, whilst the water storage lagoon 50,000m3.
CARES Group was commissioned to give advice on the location, and conceptual/detailed design for the project.
In order to provide the basis for the design, CARES Group undertook a detailed site investigation. For the detailed site, investigation CARES Group designed groundwater monitoring equipment. Monitoring equipment included piezometers and monitoring wells. CARES Group supervised the installation of the piezometers.
Following the installation of the groundwater monitoring equipment CARES Group conducted regular groundwater monitoring in order to ensure that the bioenergy lagoon would be able to maintain the high standards that would be required for handling industrial waste.