Bonny Channel Expansion

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The Bonny Channel is the main route for oil and gas exports from Nigeria. As the channel could only accommodate Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tankers with a capacity of 140,000 m3 the Bonny Channel Company (BCC) intended on expanding the route to allow two-way traffic and 200,000m3 LNG vessels.

To support this development CARES Group was appointed to take responsibility for all aspects of the project, including the site investigation, study, design and supervision of the expansion.

Phase 1 comprised deepening the channel from -12.5m CD to -14.3m CD and widening to 230m. During this phase CARES Group conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (including baseline monitoring), performed site investigations to confirm the viability of the enlarged channel, completed navigational studies and developed contract documentation. CARES Group supervised the dredging and hydrographic surveys in addition to carrying out independent checks to confirm the quantities dredged.

Phase 2 expansion will comprise widening of the channel to be the longest channel that permits two-way transits of LNG Carriers, with the quantity of dredging at 20-25 million m3. CARES Group conducted specialist studies necessary for the Phase 2 expansion which included a hydrodynamic study of sediment movements, navigational studies and EIA.