Badagry Port Resettlement Action Plan

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Badagry Port Development Limited (BPDL), plan to develop a deep-sea port and ancillary infrastructure
75km from Metropolitan Lagos. When fully completed the Badagry Port and Free Zone will be one of the
largest in Africa. CARES was commissioned as the Resettlement Action Plan Project Managers.
The deep-sea port and ancillary infrastructure (including an industrial park) catering for containers, dry bulk and liquids, oil and gas supply services, and free-trade and logistics zones will be developed on the coast of the Badagry sub-region of Lagos State.
For the project BPDL has acquired close to 1,100ha of land for the facilities from Lagos State Government and will require the physical displacement of 675 households currently living within the Project Footprint, and the economic displacement of an additional 1202 households impacted by loss of access to income, land or other resources due to the land acquisition.
CARES was assigned the role of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) Project Managers by APMT.