Apapa and Tin-Can Port Decongestion Study

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The traffic gridlock in and around Apapa had become a lingering menace, affecting the Lagos ports and leaving its associated road network in deplorable conditions. CARES Group was commissioned by AP Moller Capital to conduct a Pre-Feasibility Study of Traffic Decongestion for Apapa and Tin Can Island Ports and its surroundings.
As part of the study, a site reconnaissance was conducted alongside multi-stakeholder consultations. A desk-based review of applicable historical documents; Lagos state master plans; cargo volumes; navigational charts; and site photographs was also conducted. Questionnaires were designed to collate information from various classes of respondents. A number of key issues were identified and assessed such as, the underlying causes of the lingering traffic congestion; the major bottlenecks on the routes leading to the Lagos ports; and current and prospective initiatives proffered by the Federal Government to alleviate the gridlock.

On conclusion of our study, a series of medium to long term decongestion recommendations were identified and presented to the client for careful consideration. A financial analysis of associated costs for each recommendation was also undertaken and included in our study.