Fraud and Malpractice Policy

CARES Group is committed to preventing, detecting, and reporting fraud and malpractice, and cooperating with other organizations to reduce opportunities for fraud.

CARES Group will manage the fraud risk by:

  • Defining, setting, and maintaining cost-effective control procedures to identify and deter
  • fraud.
  • Encouraging staff to be vigilant and raising fraud awareness at all levels.
  • Ensuring key controls are complied with.
  • Encouraging employees to be vigilant and to report any suspicion of fraud, providing them
  • with suitable channels of communication and ensuring sensitive information is treated
  • appropriately.
  • Taking action against individuals and organizations perpetrating fraud against the company
  • and seeking restitution of any asset fraudulently obtained and the recovery of costs.
  • Cooperating with the police and other appropriate authorities in the investigation and
  • prosecution of those suspected of fraud.

The prevention and reporting of fraud is reliant upon the cooperation of employees, following measures to increase awareness within the organization. Where appropriate, failure to take appropriate action may result in disciplinary action being taken. In a similar vein, the potential for malpractice will the controlled by:

  • Ensuring that staff and contractor competency is evaluated on a project­specific basis and identifying training requirements appropriately.
  • Supporting independent review of cases where malpractice is suspected, and complying with the relevant authorities in providing redress in the unlikely instance where malpractice occurs.

We look to our employees’ support and professionalism in making this policy truly effective on behalf of CARES Group.

Jonathan Spivey