Firearms and Weapon Free Policy

CARES Group is committed to ensuring the safety of staff and other personnel working for and on behalf of the company.

CARES Group has a zero-tolerance for firearms and dangerous weapons in the workplace. This policy prohibits possession and use of dangerous weapons on company premises, sites and off-site locations and applies to permanent and non-permanent workers such as subcontractors, agency personnel, temporary staff, consultants, and any other workers interacting with employees. This prohibition is regardless of any license or permit that an individual may have which authorizes the individual to carry weapons.

Key Principles:

  • A weapon is defined as any instrument used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage and could include but is not limited to guns, knives, stun guns, daggers and clubs.
  • Any employee who is aware of a weapon of any type or form within the office premises or that an employee has a weapon in their possession while engaging in official business off-site has an obligation to report this information immediately to his/her manager or security personnel.
  • This policy and procedure will be reviewed periodically giving due consideration to legislative changes

We look to our employees’ support and professionalism in making this policy truly effective on behalf of CARES Group.

Jonathan Spivey