Community Relations Policy

CARES Group is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. We endeavour to operate in harmony with the communities in which we operate and engage our people to join together to make a difference, where possible.
CARES Group philosophy is to work to build trust, understanding and positive working relationships based on an open exchange of information to enable informed decision making between CARES Group and affected communities. We work to:

  1. Respect the rights and related interests of all communities and individuals, consistent with our core values.
  2. Recognises cultural diversity and the potentially differing needs and aspirations of different communities.
  3. Promote the development of communities through a sharing of benefits associated with our operations.
  4. Recognise the expectations that communities and individuals have of a corporation, aim to understand the cultural and economic context in which we work, to do no harm, and to enhance social and economic well-being.

In line with this, CARES Group will meet or exceed broadly accepted industry standards for community engagement.

Jonathan Spivey