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Ugborodo - Interpretation of Ground Conditions

The Ugborodo Development is being constructed to provide facilities and accommodation for the villagers displaced by land erosion occurring near to the mouth of the Escravos River. Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) commissioned CARES Limited to undertake a review of existing available geotechnical and settlement information and to provide recommendations on foundations, roads and drainage.

It was concluded that the control of the groundwater regime was fundamental to the feasibility of future development on the site. From the limited data available it was concluded that the fill material comprised silty fine sand with poor drainage characteristics.

It was recommended that strip and raft foundations would be suitable for the majority of structures provided that the groundwater level could be lowered, and maintained at a lower level by improved site drainage. Such a lowering of the groundwater level would serve to improve the density and hence the bearing capacity of the sand fill.

Based on the results of site investigations the soil conditions had been determined to be weak and susceptible to high settlement. A number of issues were recommended including surcharging, monitoring and drainage of the area to drop the water table down to below the foundation level

Project start: January 1999

Project completion: December 1999

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Ugborodo New Town, Nigeria