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Siltation Study
Project Summary

CARES were commissioned to conduct a study on siltation processes in the Bonny Channel.

This siltation study was conducted to identify the main driving mechanisms causing the movement of sediment.

Phase One included a study of the wave, current and tide data and a desk study utilising information from charts, surveys, aerial photos and satellite images. This gave an appreciation of the regional sediment transport pathways; and assumptions as to the source of sediments and, the predominant siltation locations.

Phase Two tested these assumptions using a sophisticated hydrodynamic model and wave modelling suite which captured the physical processes driving the sediment dynamics. This phase also provided estimates of the quantity of siltation and identified the main driving mechanisms causing the movement of sediment.
Once the mechanisms for siltation were identified, CARES assessed the likely impacts upon siltation of adding a new channel, widening and / or deepening the existing channel.

CARES also presented recommendations to minimise the cost of dredging for the long term.

Project start: September 2006

Project completion: February 2009

Maritime  Water Resources  

Rivers State, Nigeria


Services Provided Included:

  •  Wave modelling
  •  Current investigations
  •  Site investigations
  •  Bathymetry
  •  Siltation modelling
  •  Hydrodynamic modelling