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Formal Safety Assessment
Project Summary

The Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) decided to honour agreed obligations under the United Nations Safety of Life at Seas (SOLAS) convention. To support this development, CARES was commissioned to conduct a test-case Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) for Bonny Port District (BPD).

This assessment was primarily conducted to identify optional (including management) safety risks – along with suggestions of how to reduce them; to develop marine safety awareness across the BPD; and, conduct an audit of current marine safety operational and management practices and procedures.

CARES adopted the formal five step FSA methodology endorsed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) which is both auditable and traceable for decision makers.

CARES augmented the IMO methodology with various tailor-made analysis models, design principles and systems including a bespoke web / computer based Risk Impact Management System (RIMS) which was developed for risk analysis.

Additionally, CARES provided a Port Safety Guide that provides examples of risks and issues that need to be considered in developing port infrastructure.

Project start: October 2009

Project completion: September 2011

Maritime  Water Resources  

Rivers State, Nigeria


Services Provided Included:

  • Identifying strategic and operational marine safety risks
  • Marine safety risk awareness
  • Audit of current operational and management practices and procedures
  • Developing headline prompts and systems for implementation planning
  • Delivery of meaningful objectives in support of IMO conventions such as Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS)
  • Marine Operations Risk Management System
  • Port Safety Guide