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Environmental Due Diligence
Soybean Production Facility

CARES were asked to conduct a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for a proposed Soybean Production Facility in Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The Environmental Due Diligence review also outlines the requirement for, and likely scope of, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed facility and provides a budgetary estimate for the EIA

The Phase I ESA component of the review was performed to identify known and potential soil and groundwater concerns.

In order to carry out the assessment CARES specialist team conducted a site visit to observe the proposed site for development. This encompassed the exterior and interior of structures located on the site and included; interviewing site supervisors, reviewing information provided by the facility personnel and third parties. A Desk Study was also conducted which reviewed publically available environmental databases and records including; topographic maps, hydrogeological information, historical map records and satellite imagery.

CARES provided the potential environmental liabilities and likely scope of the EIA.

Project start: April 2015

Project completion: April 2015

Infrastructure  Water Resources  

Sagamu, Nigeria


Services Provided Included:

  •  Environmental Audit
  •  Environmental information review
  •  Identification of environmental liabilities
  •  Phase 1 Site Investigation
  •  EIA scoping