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Container Terminal Development
Improving Environmental Management

APM Terminals (APMT) have been awarded a concession to refurbish and operate an existing fourberth container terminal within Apapa Port, Lagos. APMT have successfully modernised and refurbished the facilities.

To support the improvements CARES provided APMT with a range of supporting consultancy services including Environmental Management.

Environmental management support provided by CARES was initiated by producing an updated Environmental Management Plan (EMP). This provided the procedures and processes to manage and control the environmental aspects of APMT operations and was intended to be a key component of the overall Environmental Management System (EMS).

To support the EMP implementation and to ensure that the actions taken complied with the requirements of the regulators CARES provided in-house expertise to APMT. This support included completing a monitoring programme which was conducted to assess if emissions were likely to impact the health of staff and contractors and to ascertain if levels are within the relevant environmental standards set by the Federal Ministry of Environment and the World Health Organization (WHO).

CARES continue to support APMT in developing the Apapa Container Terminal.

Project start: November 2012

Project completion: October 2014

Infrastructure  Maritime  

Apapa, Lagos Harbour, Nigeria


Services Provided Included:

  •  Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  •  EMP implementation
  •  Provision of in house expertise to facilitate the implementation of the EMP to ensure actions taken will comply with the requirements of the regulators.
  •  Environmental monitoring
  •  Construction supervision